Inmate Visitation Policies
The visitor’s name must be on the approved visitation list, which is filled out by the inmate during the intake process. Only two names may be placed on the list. The list may be revised or updated every thirty days. Any visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, unless they are legally considered an adult (emancipated). Visitors may visit only one time per week. Individuals who live more than 50 miles away from the facility where the inmate is housed and who are not on the inmate’s visitor list may have a “one time only” special visit. Inmates on suicide watch are only allowed attorney visits unless otherwise authorized by the Division Commander, Bureau Commander and medical staff. Adults and Teenagers (ages 13-17) must present at each visit a valid State issued picture ID before being allowed to visit. All visitors will be required to successfully pass through a metal detector (additional searches may be required). Visitors will secure all personal property (purses, outer wear, diaper bags, strollers, cigarettes, lighters, cell phones, pagers, etc.) prior to being admitted to the facility for visitation. Lockers are provided in the visitor waiting area for your use. Locker rental is .50 cents. Visitors are not allowed to bring any items with them during visitation. Any visitor who attempts to provide inmates with contraband will be subject to suspension or revocation of visitation privileges. If the item attempted to be given to the inmate is a weapon, alcohol, drugs, or other contraband, criminal charges may be initiated against the visitor. Professional visitors (attorneys, approved clergy, probation/parole, etc.) do not need to be placed on the inmate’s visitation list. However, if you are related to the inmate, you will not be allowed to visit, except in accordance with the regular public visitation guidelines. Any detention facility personnel have the right to deny and/or restrict your visitation at any time for violations of policy.
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