Inmate mail and correspondence
What can I mail to an inmate? An inmate may receive letters with a full return address on the envelope. They may receive five photos (no larger than 5” by 7”) per mailing. They may receive regular-sized greeting cards, without glitter on them or those with sound-generating devices. They may receive pages from the internet as long as it isn’t an excessive amount or indecent. They may not receive mail that is unsanitary (with lipstick, etc) on it, newspaper clippings, pages torn from books or magazines, no drawings larger than 8 ½ “ by 11”, no stickers on the envelopes (other than an address label), no bookmarks, no calendars, no glued or taped items, or solicitations of any kind. You may purchase a newspaper or magazine subscription for the inmate, but you cannot leave newspapers or magazines for them or mail them yourself. No magazine subscriptions will be accepted if it is deemed to be a security risk.
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